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Add a YubiKey to your miiCard

YubiKey is an alternative method of 2-Step verification that can be used with miiCard using a YubiKey device to enter a one time passcode without the need for a cell phone signal or data connection.  If you don't have a YubiKey yet and would like to use one with your miiCard, why not get yours now >>.

  1. Log in to your miiCard account at
  2. Click "Security" and then select "Choose a secure 2-Step Verification method.


  1. Beside the YubiKey option, click the Add button.
  2. If you haven't done so already, plug your YubiKey into your computer.

5. Select the text field that has appeared and press the button on your YubiKey.

6. You may wish to set YubiKey as your primary method of 2-Step Verification, to do this, click the Tick icon next to your newly added YubiKey.


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