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What is 2-Step Verification?

miiCard uses 2-Step Verification, also known as 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an extra security step that ensures it really is you logging in to your miiCard account, rather than someone who may have acquired your password. 

We do this by ensuring we don't just take something you know (your username and password), but something you physically have in your possession (your phone or other security device).  The most widely used method of doing this, is to send an SMS text message to your phone containing a one-time security generated passcode which is entered on screen when you are logged into your miiCard account.

For members who prefer not to use SMS text messages, we offer three alternative options: 


Toopher - An authentication app that does away with entering codes and allows you to authenticate just by pressing a button on your Android or iOS device. Click _ here_ for more information.


YubiKey - A hard token authenticator, the YubiKey sends a one-time passcode that is generated by a device that plugs in to your computer.  Just plug it in and press the button. Click here for more information.


OATH - Google Authenticator or Authy (and similar apps) can be used to authenticate with miiCard by generating a time based code without the need for your device to have internet access or cellular signal. Click here for more information.

You will be asked to pass 2-Step Verification when you want to make any changes to your account and when you signup to new third party services using your miiCard. You can also ask miiCard to request 2-Step Verification on every login and on every connection with third party services.


Read more on our Security measures here.

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