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How do you verify my identity?

miiCard allows you to verify your identity to in-person/passport/photo ID check standard, purely online and in real-time. It proves that you are who you say you are.

How do we do this? By utilizing the trust an individual has with their bank. We use an active online checking account to do this because it ties a user to their financial footprint by name, regular transactional activity and account type.

Why does this prove your identity?


Your bank knows you well and your financial accounts relate to you as a specific individual.


You have already passed the identity checks required by regulators to get the accounts.


Only you have access to your online accounts unlike your bank account number which is visible to others


Your bank account is always active and can be re-verified regularly so your miiCard is always up to date.

By asking you to enter your online banking access credentials we can confirm you have a checking, current or everyday account with regular activity.  This financial footprint is used as the basis of the trust in your miiCard. The process of linking you to your online financial accounts through your online credentials, while unique in the online identity space through the miiCard service, is a well-established practice in the US. miiCard never has access to these credentials or stores them on our systems. Our data provider Yodlee handles this part of the process so that no one ever has access to these credentials.

We can verify that your account is yours and is a valid, active, financial account by performing very specific criteria checks.  


We determine the account type is suitable for verification i.e. checking account.


We confirm ownership of the account by name-matching your account holder name to the name on your miiCard account.


We confirm that the account has sufficient transactional. This is regularly checked to ensure your identity is constantly verified.


Read more on how we verify here.

Or see the FAQ: How do you access my accounts?

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