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What is name matching?

Name matching is the process of comparing the name on your linked bank accounts with the name on your miiCard account. For a successful name match, these names have to be identical.

If name matching fails, i.e. the names differ significantly, miiCard cannot use a given account to assure an individual’s Identity. Examples of this would be:

  • Using an alias or ‘friendly’ name i.e. ‘James’ on your bank account and ‘Jimmy’ on your miiCard account.
  • A partial match only on your account  i.e. 'John' instead of 'John Smith'
  • No name at all on your account.

Although you may be able to see your name on your online account, or on an account statement, it may not be visible to our system. If you do receive a “name-match” error, you should ensure that the name showing on your online bank account matches the name on your miiCard account.

If everything looks correct and you still receive a name match error, please contact

Account Support

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