How do I create a new DNS record?

DNS is the system that turns domain names (like or into the IP addresses that computers use to find each other on the internet. If you own a domain name, it will have a series of DNS records that tell visiting computers how to reach the web server that hosts your content - all of this happens invisibly to the user.

miiCard validates that you own a domain by making sure that you are in a position to change its DNS records - something only the owner of a domain can do. The miiCard validation process will look for a special kind of DNS record called a TXT record - these records add informational content to a domain without affecting how it works.

You must add a TXT record to your domain, where the value of the record is the unique string that we ask you to use. You may need to contact your domain registrar (the company from whom you bought the domain) or your hosting company for details on how to do this, though most hosting control panels will have a 'DNS Zone Editor' that lets you add, change or remove DNS entries for your domain.

Once you've added the record, be aware that it might take up to 48 hours for the changes to be visible to miiCard - we'll keep checking back with your domain until we can find the record.

When the validation is successful, leave the TXT record in place as miiCard regularly rechecks your website to keep your validation up to date.

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